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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

Enacted: March 23, 2005
Revised: July 25, 2018
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company") hereby announces its personal information protection policy (hereinafter referred to as "This Policy"),
conscious of the fact that proper protection of personal information of all the persons including customers (hereinafter referred to as "Person/s Concerned") who provides personal information to the Company, is our important responsibility.

1. Observance of related laws and guidelines
The Company shall observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003; hereinafter referred to as "Act") as well as related laws and guidelines.

2. Definitions
The terms used in This Policy shall accord with the definitions of the Act.

3. Acquisition of personal information
The Company shall acquire the personal information required for its business activities by fair means in accordance with the law.

4. Purposes of use
The Company shall use personal information within the scope required for the achievement of the purposes listed below.
(1) Information on development, manufacturing and sales of automotive equipment and electronic equipment. Information on contract management, post-sale services, new products and new services
(2) Questionnaire surveys, quality improvement activities
(3) Recruitment activities, employment management
(4) Other works related or incidental to the above
(5) Transfer to a third party with the consent of the Persons Concerned or based on the law within the scope required to achieve each of the purposes of use above

5. Safe management of personal data
The Company shall manage personal data safely in accordance with the law in order to prevent the leakage, falsification or loss of personal data or use for purposes other than the intended purposes of use.
In addition, the Company shall strive to keep personal data accurate and up to date, and delete personal data without delay when its use becomes unnecessary within the scope required to achieve the purposes of use.
Moreover, the Company shall provide the required education and guidance to employees.

6. Transfer to third parties
The Company shall not transfer personal data to third parties except in the cases listed below.
(1) Cases where Persons Concerned have consented
(2) Cases where the Company transfers personal data to a subcontractor for outsourcing all or some of the handling of personal data within the scope required to achieve the purposes of use
(3) Cases where the Company transfers personal data to an affiliated company within the scope required to achieve the purposes of use
(4) Other cases permissible by law

7. Supervision of subcontractors
If transferring personal data to a subcontractor, the Company shall conclude a contract with the subcontractor to ensure that the personal data is handled appropriately and shall implement appropriate supervision of the subcontractor.

8. Joint use with affiliated companies
As listed below, there are cases where the Company uses personal data jointly with affiliated companies.
Joint use of the personal data of personnel of business partners
a. Items of personal information used jointly
Names and business contact information (company name, address, phone number, FAX number and e-mail address) of the personnel of business partners
b. Scope of joint users
The Company's affiliate companies
c. Purpose of joint use
As per (1) and (4) of "4. Purposes of use" above
d. Name of institution responsible for the management of personal data
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.

9. Disclosure, correction and deletion, etc., of retained personal data
If you, as a Person Concerned, wish for your personal data retained by the Company to be disclosed, corrected or deleted, etc., please make a request here.
After confirming that the request is from a Person Concerned, the Company shall take measures for disclosure, correction or deletion, etc., within a reasonable period of time.

10. Access log and cookies on this website
If a Person Concerned has accessed a page for a product or service on this website, the access be recorded in an "access log" (history). Information such as the name of the internet service provider used by the Person Concerned,
the name and version of the browser used, the type of OS used, the website viewed, pages accessed, the date and time of doing so, and the time spent doing so, etc., will be recorded in the access log.
The Company shall use this personal data for the purpose of further enhancing this website.
Further, this website uses cookies. Cookies are intended to help Persons Concerned use this website more conveniently when they use this website again and exert no adverse effects on their computers.
Persons Concerned may choose whether or not to accept cookies using their browser settings. However, please understand that if a Person Concerned chooses not to accept cookies, their use of this website may be restricted.

11. Security on this website
The Company strives to secure safety when Persons Concerned provide personal information to this website, including encryption using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), etc., as a measure against unauthorized access by third parties.

12. Links on this website
This website may link to other companies' websites, but no personal data is shared. The Company shall bear no responsibility with regard to the acquisition of personal data by linked websites so please consider the privacy policies of the linked websites.

13. Continuous improvements
The Company shall strive to continuously improve the personal privacy protection measures. If the Company changes this Privacy Policy, the latest post-change edition of this Privacy Policy will be published on this website.

14. Governing law
In this Privacy Policy, Persons Concerned and the Company shall agree to be bound by the laws of Japan.

15. Inquiries
Please contact the inquiry desk below if you have any questions, opinions or complaints, etc., with regard to the Company's handling of personal information.

Marketing Department, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
2-9-13 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-8636, Japan
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